Thursday, March 29

New site!! Same blog.

So I'm completing my last course at university which is extremely useful however due to my inability to know 1. Math 2. Grammar 3. Code I put it off. However now it's a go! I will with any luck have a smoothly running web beast ( which will have this blog imbedded in it so you can pause more parts of my life with even greater ease!! And I welcome you to do so. Check it out and if you have any suggestion let me know!

Sunday, February 27

Skull 1

I have for a long time had the tenancy to draw skulls and skeletons if I am at a loss for what else to draw so I'm going to put up over the next few days a few that I have laying around.

Saturday, October 16

Fake Hair

I was asked to make some paper hair and accessories for my friends wedding and I thought I'd post some samples since they are enjoyable.

I've been watching so much Daria I'm thinking I should go as her for Halloween, though it would probably be a costume I'd never remove again. I basically just need the monotone and continuous sarcasm which I almost have down anyways. Oh thoughts how you hinder my productivity and human value.